Important news: Wireframe is going monthly

By Ryan Lambie. Posted

Regular as clockwork, Wireframe issue 38 is available from today, the 7 May - you can read about all the things in the latest edition right here. Here's an equally important piece of news, though: as of issue 39, Wireframe magazine will be going monthly.

There’ll be a brief gap between the current edition and the next one, to give us time to write all the words and generally make the transition, but Wireframe will be back even bolder, better – and bigger – than before. The new 116-page issue will be packed with more in-depth features, more previews and reviews, and more of the guides to game development that make the magazine what it is.

The change means we’ll be able to bring you new subscription offers - such as our spring offer of three issues of Wireframe plus a free book - and generally make the magazine more sustainable in a challenging global climate.

As for existing subscribers, we’ll be emailing you all to let you know how your subscription is changing, and we’ll have some special free issues on offer as a thank you for your support.

The first monthly issue will be out on 4 June, and subsequent editions will be published on the first Thursday of every month after that. You’ll be able to order a copy online, or you'll find it in selected supermarkets and newsagents if you're out shopping for essentials.

It's been a pleasure to bring Wireframe to you, gentle reader, each fortnight. We hope you'll join us as the magazine moves into its next, exciting phase.

Ryan Lambie