Out now! A nightmarishly good Wireframe #46

By Ryan Lambie. Posted

Another month, another lovingly-made issue of Wireframe: issue 46 is available to purchase online and in stores from today, the 7 January. If you're out shopping for essentials, Wireframe's available in selected supermarkets and newsagents, but you can also get a copy delivered to your door by ordering it directly from this very website.

So what's inside your darkly fantastical, 116-page issue 46? Well, you'll find all this and lots more besides:

Tarsier Studios tells us about its upcoming sinister sequel, Little Nightmares II, from its cinematic influences to the challenges of turning the previous game’s star into an AI sidekick. Then we chat to the main players at Sierra On-Line to find out about the history of the King’s Quest series, while Night School Studio open up about their breakout indie hit, Oxenfree.

In our Toolbox section, we break down Final Fantasy VII’s city of Midgar to uncover why it’s such an iconic location; the Oliver Twins show you how easy it is to make a game tor the Nintendo Switch, and this month’s Source Code shows you how to make a Pipe Mania-style puzzler.

Back and more sinister than ever: we look ahead to Little Nightmares II.

What, you still want more? Well, how about all this:

  • Our pick of 2021’s most exciting games and tech

  • How Abbey Games fixed its troubled deity sim, Godhood

  • The link between Freud and repeated deaths in games

  • Roguelords: the roguelike filled with actual rogues

Then there's our usual mix of news, previews and reviews, including our verdicts on Cyberpunk 2077, Carto, and The Survivalists.

PLUS: you can win a £100 voucher for Insert Coin clothing in our latest competition!

The fascinating history of King's Quest, straight from its creators' mouths.

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The Oliver Twins show you how they made a game for Nintendo Switch – and how you can do the same.


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Last year may have sucked, but there are good things on the horizon – on the video game front, at least.


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