Out now! Battle beyond the stars in Wireframe #34

By Ryan Lambie. Posted

Here we are again: a star-crossed Wireframe issue 34 is available in stores and online from today, the 12 January. You'll be able to buy the magazine at your local supermarket or independent newsagent in the UK, or you can order a copy, subscribe, or even download a handy free PDF from this very site.

So what do we have on offer? Well, you'll find all this galactic entertainment and more besides: Icelandic developer Solid Clouds give us the inside story of Starborne - the hugely ambitious space strategy MMO they've been working on for the past seven years. We check out the world of game streaming, and decide whether the likes of Google Stadia and PlayStation Now are worth your time and money. Then we meet the indie developers who got their start at game jams and see how their careers have progressed since those creative, early days.

Elsewhere, we take a look back at Japan's eighties wonder console, the PC Engine, while over in our Toolbox section, the Oliver Twins explain how they squeezed Super Robin Hood onto a 64kB NES cartridge, and we show you how to code your own version of the arcade classic, Marble Madness.

Compared and rated: the tide of streaming services available right now.

That still not enough magazine goodness for you? Well, there's still more besides:

  • One hand clapping: a game designed to cure your fear of singing

  • Neutronized: the mobile game studio on its ten years in the industry

  • Drink More Glurp: a physics game with a refreshing twist

  • Telltale: the storytelling secrets behind The Walking Dead and more Then there's our usual mix of news, previews and reviews, including our verdicts on Superliminal, Mosaic and Skellboy, and lots more besides. You lucky, lucky people.

Mobile master Neutronized celebrates its 10th birthday. We meet the man behind the games.

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The legendary Oliver Twins tell us about squeezing Super Robin Hood into 64kB of memory.


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For these developers, it all started with a game jam. We find out what happened next.