Out now! Fighting goblins and prejudice in Wireframe #35

By Ryan Lambie. Posted

With fists and feet flailing, we're back yet again with a new edition of Wireframe: issue 35 is available from today, the 26 March. You can buy the magazine at your local supermarket or independent newsagent in the UK, or you can order a copy, subscribe, or even download a free PDF from this very site.

So what's actually in issue 35? Let's have a look: French studio 1P2P give us the lowdown on Young Souls, a gorgeous 2D beat-'em-up that's as much about fighting prejudices as it is about bashing goblins. Then we talk to the developers intent on pushing the football game into new and surprising arenas, while over in our Toolbox section, we'll show you how to make a top-down homage to the classic Sensible Soccer.

Elsewhere, we explore the world of game design documents, and show you how to remake Hyper Sports' skeet shooting minigame.

The developers redefining the beautiful game. Behold The Kickmen, anyone?

You want more? Well, here's more:

  • Hardsuit Labs on reviving a cult classic with Bloodlines 2

  • Indie games that recreate the UI spaces of yesteryear

  • Before Pong: a look back at the very earliest video games

  • Tecmo: the studio behind Ninja Gaiden profiled

Plus you'll find our usual selection of news, previews and reviews, including our verdicts on Zombie Army 4, Coffee Talk, and a terrific original puzzler, The Pedestrian.

Archaic user interfaces, and the games that lovingly reproduce them.

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Make your very own top-down football game by following our Substitute Soccer guide.


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Pong was not the beginning: exploring the very earliest video games