Out now! Over the moon in Wireframe #43

By Ryan Lambie. Posted

It’s the first Thursday of the month, which means it’s time for another edition of Wireframe. Yes, the fantastical, feature-packed new issue is available from today, the 1 October. If you're out shopping for essentials, the mag’s available in selected supermarkets and newsagents, but you can also get a copy delivered to your door by ordering it directly from our website.

What do we have in store this time? Well, you'll find all this and lots more: 

The developers behind hit ninja-platformer The Messenger return with the epic action RPG, Sea of Stars. Sabotage’s Thierry Boulanger and Philip Barclay tell us all about their homage to the likes of Chrono Trigger and Illusion of Gaia. Then we turn the clock back to 1990 with a celebration of the Monkey Island series: we track down the original developers to talk about its unique humour and design.

Elsewhere, we meet the LGBTQA+ designers turning their personal experiences into games, and find out how one indie designer is turning George Orwell’s classic Animal Farm into a unique adventure. Over in our Toolbox section, you’ll find an in-depth guide to creating your own warring factions, while our homage to Pac-Man will teach you about the inner workings of video game AI.

Sabotage gives us the lowdown on its action RPG epic, Sea of Stars.

That still not enough Wireframe content for you? Then fear not, because there’s also this:

  • Looking ahead to Heavenly Bodies, the space sim where gravity is your enemy

  • How King of Seas will give us a procedurally-generated Caribbean to explore

  • The ways game designers use sound to create more immersive experiences

  • Create a Rally-X-style mini-map with this month’s edition of Source Code

  • Yu Suzuki, the mind behind Shenmue, OutRun and After Burner, profiled

Plus you'll find our usual menu of news, previews and reviews, including our verdicts on Fall Guys, No Straight Roads, and Deadly Premonition 2.

We celebrate 30 years of Threepwood with an in-depth look back at the Monkey Island series.

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Rainbow Road: the developers putting LGBTQA+ experiences at the forefront of their games.


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Exploring the importance of sound in games, and the tricks developers employ when creating it.

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