Out now! The punks are cyber in Wireframe #29

By Ryan Lambie. Posted

Yes, it's Wireframe time again: a fabulously futuristic - and faintly festive - issue 29 is available in stores and online from today, the 19 December. You'll be able to buy the magazine at your local supermarket or independent newsagent in the UK, or you can order a copy, subscribe, or even download a meaty - and best of all, free - PDF from this very site.

What do we have in store this time? Well, you'll find all this and lots more:
CD Projekt Red give us the inside track on Cyberpunk 2077, and how they're building its vast sci-fi world. We chat to the developers intent on keeping the spirit of Burnout alive in their own arcade racers, and check out the games that favour abstract art over realism - with eminent designer Jenova Chen (Flower, Journey) providing his perspective.

Meanwhile, Heaven's Vault co-director Jon Ingold provides an easy-to-follow guide to using ink, his studio's own narrative scripting language, and we show you how to recreate the addictive action of Flappy Bird in just a few lines of code.

Future shock: CD Projekt Red on the unfathomably detailed world-building in Cyberpunk 2077.

If that doesn't sound enough, then relax - there's all this, too:

  • Creative Assembly on Total War Saga: Troy
  • We round up a selection of favourite Christmas moments in games
  • Tobin's Tale: a solo-dev's unique take on the point-and-click genre
  • Celebrating Taito's golden age of arcade games: Bubble Bobble! Operation Wolf!
  • Survival of the fittest - and rabbits waving hammers - in Vulpine

Plus you'll find our usual menu of news, previews and reviews, including our verdicts on Pokemon Sword and Shield, Luigi's Mansion 3 and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

We examine the lasting impact of the Burnout series, and the studios keeping its spirit alive.

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A selection box of our favourite festive moments in video games.


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Code your very own Flappy Bird! We show you how.