Space Channel 5 heading for VR release

By Kirsten Howard. Posted

It's once again time to dance to save the galaxy, but this time it'll be in VR.

Twenty years after Sega and UGA's Space Channel 5 gave players a super fun battle against a (staged) alien invasion, and 18 years after its sequel emerged, a new entry in the Space Channel 5 series called Kinda Funky News Flash will coming to PSVR. The release is planned for later this month - February 25 to be exact - but further launches for Steam VR and Oculus Quest are in the offing.

Check out the trailer below...

Some of the original dev team have bounced back for Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash, and this time you'll join senior reporter Ulala as a rookie in the tricky business of dancing, posing, and grooving while a new invasion is underway - it'll be Ulala's job to tell you what to do.

Tetsuya Mizuguchi's original game was created and aimed at "a female audience" but despite positive reviews it kinda tanked on Dreamcast. A PS2 version with a small price tag did well enough, and an updated VR instalment does seem to make a lot more sense than Space Channel 5's baffling presence on the GBA.

We assume that, um, there'll be no Michael Jackson cameo in this one.