YouTube relaxes violent video game content restrictions

By Kirsten Howard. Posted

YouTube has updated its policy on violent video game content uploaded to the platform.

"We know there’s a difference between real-world violence and scripted or simulated violence – such as what you see in movies, TV shows, or video games – so we want to make sure we’re enforcing our violent or graphic content policies consistently," YouTube team member Hazel posted. "Starting on 12/2, scripted or simulated violent content found in video games will be treated the same as other types of scripted content."

Going fowards, gaming creators won't have to adhere to the previous age-restriction barriers - as revealed in this week's blog post - but the relaxed rules won't apply to advertisers.

There are still limits on what violent content can be posted without age restrictions, however:

  • Future gaming uploads that include scripted or simulated violence may be approved instead of being age-restricted.

  • There will be fewer restrictions for violence in gaming, but this policy will still maintain our high bar to protect audiences from real-world violence.

  • We may still age-restrict content if violent or gory imagery is the sole focus of the video. For instance, if the video focuses entirely on the most graphically violent part of a video game. More graphic scenes like dismemberment, decapitations, showing of human corpses with these severe injuries may be age-restricted, while less graphic content may be approved.

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