Out now! Choosing our words carefully in Wireframe #9

By Ian Dransfield. Posted

The world of a young girl’s journal comes to life in Lost Words, an innovative puzzle-platformer from Sketchbook Games.

In issue 9 of Wireframe – out today, March 14 – we take a look at this world where fantasy becomes reality, and you quite literally use your words, speaking to both the game’s creative director Mark Backler and writer on the game Rhianna Pratchett.

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So what else is there beyond the cover?

Usually losing our words would mean the end of the magazine – not so with Lost Words, the beguiling puzzle adventure from Sketchbook Games and a narrative team including Rhianna Pratchett.

We take a closer look at this world of words and wonder, as well as bringing you the latest on the likes of Hamsterdam – yep, there are some hamsters – and going hands-on with Rage 2. Elsewhere there’s a look at the bountiful world of Zelda-alikes, an in-depth guide on creating a third-person character in Unity, and a profile of that oh-so-Rare of studios, Ultimate Play the Game.

Lost Words, which ironically features plenty of words

And beyond that? Well we have:
• A look at the surprisingly useful world of user research in games
• The second part of Jeff Spoonhower’s Anew dev diary
The Rainsdowne Players – a one-person game about getting your stage show just right
• Reviews of Metro Exodus, Eastshade, Toejam & Earl: Back in the Groove, and others

Plus more! But that’s enough listing of things for the time being. If you want to find out what’s in the mag, your best bet is to use the words we provide to read the words, some of which are about a game that has you use words. Word? Word.

We take a good look at where Rare came from

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User research may be more important than you realise


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If you're going to take inspiration, take it from the best - Zelda-likes

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