Out now! Entering the Void in Wireframe #6

By Ian Dransfield. Posted

Sometimes it might feel like you’re screaming into the void; but don’t worry – we’re here, and we listen to you, and that’s why we’re giving you a real treat with issue six of Wireframe, out today, 31 January.

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But why should you? What’s in it for you? Well, plenty...

Jon Chey, co-founder of Irrational Games and one of the bods behind both System Shock 2 and BioShock, speaks to us about his studio Blue Manchu’s upcoming systemic FPS, Void Bastards. Frankly, it looks and sounds incredible, and we absolutely cannot wait for it.

Beyond that delight, we also take you through the dark arts of localisation, and introduce the world of Game Salad – a tool that lets you make game without having to write a line of code.

We’re also bringing you a look behind the trials and tribulations of 2D puzzle platformer Pinstripe, a selection of fine reviews, and a profile of industry legend Amy Hennig.

Don't Panic: designer Jon Chey talks about the Douglas Adams influence in Void Bastards.

Is that all? Nope:

  • Hands-on with shooter sequel Metro Exodus
  • Localisation: getting your game ready for a global audience
  • We have a good look at one-person Game Boy tribute Owyn’s Adventure
  • Rolling Thunder’s mighty machine gun

There’s even more besides that, but really who wants to completely ruin the surprise? Not us, that’s who.

Also in issue six: we talk to the developers behind the great-looking Sable.

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Designer Thomas Brush tells us about the sometimes hellish making of Pinstripe.


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Profiled: industry veteran and Uncharted creator Amy Hennig.

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