Out now! Rhythmic revelations in Wireframe #12

By Ian Dransfield. Posted

The lead game designer of Final Fantasy XV joins forces with a Street Fighter V’s concept artist - what’s the result? If you’d guessed a rhythm game in which you play as an indie rock band fighting a totalitarian empire obsessed with dance music, you’re probably already working on issue 12’s featured title, No Straight Roads, because few others would have guessed that.

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So where does the road go from here?

Well, there's PICO-8, the adorably tiny virtual console from Lexaloffle - we show you what it is, how to get started on it, and how to push it beyond its limits.

Compact. Programmable. Adorable. It's PICO-8.

Then we take a closer look at visual novel Necrobarista and all its fine cups of coffee, and meet the makers behind the gig economy firefighting sim, Embr. Elsewhere, you’ll find reviews of the likes of We. The Revolution, Outward, and Heaven’s Vault, as well as a tutorial on making your very own version of mobile classic Snake.

But the fun doesn’t end there, as we also have:

• Modern games being made with retro constraints
• A profile of prolific difficulty lovers FromSoftware
• Exploring the 32kb PICO-8 demake of No Man's Sky
• A guide on recreating Bomberman’s iconic explosions

And there’s more beyond that, but there’s already contents pages in the mag, so no need to list it all again here. If you want to find out what’s in issue 12, your best bet is to let the rhythm get you, as we were all warned it would, and read the new issue in whichever way you so choose.

Modern games made with old-school constraints: read all about it in Wireframe #12.

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Inside the rebellious world of Metronomik's No Straight Roads.


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